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Mitel 3300 Controllers IP Handsets

The family of Mitel 3300 Controllers provides the flexibility to deploy the Mitel Communications Director (MCD) software in many environments – as a full IP-PBX with all services, trunks, and legacy connections integrated; as a media gateway for larger networks; or as a connection to legacy services for those choosing to run the MCD software on Industry Standard Servers, or as the enterprise edge for centralized networks that require survivable solutions for their remote sites.

The CX and CXi Controllers can be deployed for the smaller business, or as part of the enterprise edge for large networks – in this capacity, the controllers can either be deployed as a survivable branch solution for centralized deployments, or as a dedicated PBX operating as part of a larger distributed network.

The MXe Controller offers greater scalability in terms of user and trunk capacity, and also offers hard drive and power redundancy.

The MXe Server can operate as a high density user controller for larger enterprise deployments.

The AX Controller is ideal for high density analog requirements, either as a stand-alone solution or as part of a larger network deployment.


Mitel 5224 IP Handset

Mitel 5340 IP

Designed for the enterprise power-user, the new Mitel 5224 IP Phone provides robust features and functionality needed for todays progressive enterprise professional. The 5224 IP Phone is dual mode, dual port with a multi-line display and provides users fast and easy access to the features and applications enabled by Mitel Integrated Communications Platforms (ICPs). The 5224 IP Phone is designed for users within the enterprise that require an expanded range of programmable features. It is an ideal phone for teleworkers and ACD agents or supervisors.

Mitel 3300 CXi

The Mitel 5340 IP Phone is a new generation telephone that provides voice communication over an IP network. It can be customized to a specific user, but can also be used by any employee in the enterprise. It features a large, backlit graphics display, 48 programmable multifunction self-labeling keys.

The 5340 IP Phone is ideal for any enterprise employee, including executives, teleworkers and Hot Desk users. In addition, when used with either the Mitel Cordless Handset or Headset you’re free to move around when on a call. No more missed calls when you step away from your desk to go to the printer or speak to a colleague a few desks away! Without doubt a key benefit for any office or home-based users.

Mitel 3300 MXE

The Mitel 3300 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP) provides the reliability and comprehensive features of a PBX, the ease of use and cost effectiveness of a small business solution*, complete with productivity-enhancing applications and data networking capability. The 3300 ICP lets you select the system you need now and add functionality as your requirements change from 0-40 users.

The 3300 ICP MXe Controller provides the voice, signaling, central processing, and communications resources for the system. The Mitel 3300 MXe IP Communications Platform is a simple, reliable and complete voice and data communications solution for the medium to larger enterprise. It delivers everything that the Mitel 3300 CXCXi ICP does, but also offers scalability from 40 to 1,400 users.

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