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Brand New Mitel HX 5000 Business Phone System
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I5000 HX Communications Platform

What's New?

The 5000 CP is the answer for your converged Communications needs offering you choice of digital,

IP or analogue options for phones and network interfaces! It features full call handling and messaging, as well as

Full networking support and feature transparency for Multiple systems!

The 5000 CP is designed to help your business benefit From the cost savings and infrastructure improvements

Of VoIP technology


Designed to deploy more easily and cost-effectively in Converged network environments, while not duplicating the features and functions of today's LAN switches And routers

Based on Internet-style networking to more easily Support a wider variety of best-of-breed productivity and business process applications:
Advanced call routing and find-me / follow-me features
Feature-rich conferencing and web collaboration
Powerful contact centre and customer relationship Management solutions
Ideal for multi-location businesses that can take advantage of IP internetworking of Mitel communications servers and voice applications.

Significantly more simple and cost-effective than traditional PBX internetworking! By combining rich voice communications with   data networks and applications, the 5000 CP helps you accomplish your most important business objectives  delivering lowing   costs and enhanced value from your network infrastructure investment: Streamlining and enhancing customer interactions.        


Integrating with critical business process applications
Improving employee productivity and efficiency
Lowering overall communications costs
Why not talk to our sales team today you can call us or e-mail or you can use our live chat facility!

Did you know that Online Communications have been helping business customers for over twenty years. Mitel plays a very big part in supplying top quality business phone systems within the London Manchester and UK. Our team of dedicated sales support team have many years in helping businesses grow and offering the very best in support. All our engineers are fully trained to offer total support even 24 hours 365 day support. Accredited UK suppliers of Mitel

Why not talk to our fully trained sales staff who will be glad to help you as much as they can.

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