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Are You Fedup With Exspecive Phone Systems Also Exspencive Support Contracts

Why Use Hosting Solutions?














Hosted Phone Solutions offer a number of strategic commercial benefits for organisations regardless of their size and location. Firstly, companies gain immediate access to the latest technology which is very important to running an efficient and profitable business in this business climate.


Let’s look at a different way if you have a business in most cases you would require some sort of telephone system connect to Digital lines or even analogue lines, then you have the cost of the system and handsets installation and not forgetting Maintenance contract. This can run into thousands of pounds if you are large company.


With Hosted Phone System you DONOT need any sort of phone system or support contracts which is a huge saving to your company now and ongoing charges.


Hosted Example


So now let’s look at Hosted firstly the most important thing you do not need any type of phone system all you would need is hosted handsets connected to router then connected via the cloud. You will be very surprised how affordable this option is for example each connection is only £14.95 you will receive high end IP Handset Auto Attendant Voicemail also FREE Calls to Fixed Lines and Mobile Phone calls on a permeant basics. No Support Contracts also no BT line rentals.


Here is a example company nedds four handsets the cost would be £14.95 x 4 = £59.80 Per Month Installtion Programming £450.00 one off payment.


If you purchase a Digital Phone System with four handsets and two lines the cost would be £1,980.00 inclusive of install then you would have yearly support contract £150.00.


So you can see that Hosted solutions can be very attractive option for small to medium sized companies’ anywhere in the UK.

Hosted solutions can also help your company be more profitable and more organised with all our highly advanced add-on solutions for example if you have a smartphone you can install our softphone software and you will become a virtual extension of the hosted solution also home workers or satellite offices can be added to the hosted system.


Our hosted services are run on the highest-grade cloud based systems providing maximum security and resilience for all hosted applications. The level of business continuity provided is to a very high standard.


The really important bit is that you will be doing your bit for the environment as you will defiantly be a lot Greener no huge power eating telephone systems or costly installation charges or costly equipment.


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