Phone Systems Apllications For Doctor's Surgeries

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Choosing the right solution for surgery or medical centre is very important I know we all like to get a good deal cheap calls! Cheap line rental! You will also get people saying FREE Phone System! Unfortunately we all know you do not get anything for free the cost will be hidden somewhere. 08444 Numbers they are sold as revenue makers for the surgery! But do we really want to make the patients pay for this! Online Communications are committed to offer you honest trustful information. Why not let us see how much we can save your surgery Call us today for a free demostration

Medical Centre Information!

What Online Communications Can Offer To Medical Centres Doctor Surgeries?

Rush hour:

When the phones are busy, we will not test your patients. We can help with busy call periods and handle patient calls efficiently direct the calls to the right department with auto live queuing.

Staff abuse:

There are a few ways we can help you here? Auto-matted call recording is the most effective! Happier patients are less abusive. Staff receiving less abuse is happier. Simple, isn't it?

Out of hours:

Now you can ensure that all calls that you receive when you surgery is closed are handled as professionally as when you're open. Our Mitel real time scheduling software can route calls on time day and number or a mixture of all three. So if you need to automatically transfer out of hours calls then this a must for your doctors practice? Also can take patient bookings for your medical centre and can integrate with Vision, Emis patients can book appointment automatically 24 hours a day. That makes your life a bit easier!


Don't risk getting the wrong the wrong solution? Only Online Communications gives you:

* Full free project management to ensure you get exactly what you want
* Full onsite programming meeting, training on how to use the phone system also basic programming training.
* Inclusive maintenance to ensure that even when your needs change, you'll always have exactly what you want.

Monthly costs can be fixed per user or system and cover you for everything you need - equipment, lines, calls, and maintenance cover. We can price your business telephone system with you quickly and easily.

Main problems doctors' surgeries face?

Patients waiting too long to be answered!

Not enough lines for patients and staff members!

No queuing system i.e. press 1 for booking appointments Press 2 for Nurse Press 3 for opening times Call recording this will help improve patients who abuse staff members!

Call forwarding to out of hours when surgery is closed.

Another problem Surgeries face is automated messages i.e. when your surgery opens and closes bank holidays, weekends! The answer is quite simple you need Mitel 5000 solution this offers fully automated real time message scheduling you only need to input the information in once the system remembers by time and date what message to say. Also very important to surgeries out of hours your surgery is closed! This is simple we can automatically transfer the call to another destination for example NHS out of hours help line.

Example Phone Stystem 10 Handsets!

Typical Doctors Surgery Solution!

 For a small surgery with 2 lines and 10 handsets, four port auto attendant with voicemail Rental £93.75 per month Support Contract £225.00 Per Year


1. Live Call Queuing
2. Voicemail
3. Real time scheduling for surgery opening times
4. Automatic divert to out of hours NHS helpline
5. Digital ISDN lines
So you can see this is a very affordable solution! Online Communications can save you even more we can look at your line rental and call charges! We could save you up to 33% savi

This is what you could get if you talk to us! Mitel CS5000 IP Networking Platform Phone System!

call recordings for medical centres.jpg

 Call Recording For Doctors Surgeries! It is not compulsory to implement call recording in to doctor's surgeries but it can be a real asset to your running a smooth operation. For example a patient is rude or abusive on the phone! Or patient is discussing an appointment or talking to the doctor or nurse all calls can be recorded to protect your staff and patients.

Call Recording is not expensive in fact for a small surgery with 20 handsets and six lines the starting price is about £3,850.00! You will be able to access all call recordings by name, time, date, and telephone no. The call recordings are saved on DVD or hard drive of the computer.

 For a FREE quotation or a demonstration please call today 0845 658 8330

Call Queuing Solutions!

I get asked everyday from practice mangers! How can I get the calls answered more efficiently? One answer is look at how many lines are coming in to the practice, in most cases surgeries are using one line or might be two lines and a bypass for the staff! If you are looking after 1000 patients that's fine! But if your surgery has more than say 3-7000 patients you need more lines that's where you will gain straight away. Call Queuing is very important this will help your patients keep calm because they know the call has been answered and they can make their choice to stay on the line or call back later.

Call Recording Complete Package